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Good Eye Care Tips

It is easy to keep your eyes healthy with these handy tips.  A download is also available below.

Free Polarised Sunglasses

Get a free pair of polarised branded sunglasses when you spend R2999

June 16

Power to the youth of 2019 Stay on mission. Chase that dream. Never give up hope. Keep up-skilling. Pay it forward.

Our Children

They are beautiful; they are sweet; they are innocent and full of love.  Children bring joy in our lives and we must always protect them with all that we are.

Fun Day at the Hospital

Weekly check-ups or even being admitted to a hospital for a long time can be very depressing.  More so if the visits you get are limited. 

Road Safety Starts With Good Vision

Essilor has partnered with the Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA) to increase awareness

World Glaucoma Week 2019

This week is World Glaucoma Week 2019 (10 March – 16 March).  Get yours and your loved ones’ eyes tested as part of your awareness. 

What causes itchy eyes?

Itchy eyes are uncomfortable and irritating. The urge to simply rub and scratch them is irresistible, but that can sometimes aggravate the problem

How to avoid glare

Glare occurs when too much light enters the eye and the eye cannot handle it all. It can be annoying and sometimes dangerous.

Is it bad for you to watch TV in the dark?

You may have heard that it is bad for your eyes to watch TV in a dark room. Although there is no medical evidence