The urban lifestyle often means that you are busy day in and day out. You work hard to provide for your family, to advance your education or to search for solutions in your life. Always alert, is there any freedom for your eyes?

You spend long hours staring into computer and cellphone screens, on the road looking through a windscreen, burying your head in documents and books or focusing on instruments, tools and machinery. Moreover, your evenings may be spent in front of the TV screen as you try to relax your body and mind but what about your eyes?

Give your eyes the freedom that they deserve by braking out of your routine. Take time out to focus your attention on the beautiful things around you. If you happen to go out of the city, take in the natural sights: the mountains and hills, the valleys and grasslands. Look up at the night sky and explore the beauty of the stars. Even if you are in your usual urban environment, free your eyes from the regular screens and focus on the flowers in your garden or go to the park. Focus on your children and loved ones. Really look at them and appreciate their beauty.

Appreciating the things that are gentle on the eye helps you relax and feel good. Although it is not a very scientific method, relaxing and feeling good has its own benefits to your health. What’s more, you are free to enjoy the natural beauty all around you. And remember, how you see matters, so keep your sight in good health and feast your eyes this Freedom Day.