It is easy to keep your eyes healthy with these handy tips.  A download is also available below.


  • Wash your face before bed every day and remove makeup residue. Do not share things like makeup brushes.
  • Do not rub your eyes. There is a higher risk of viral and bacterial infections in winter and your hands and fingers can transfer these to your eyes.
  • Keep your body hydrated to help your eyes retain their moisture. Experts recommend that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Moist Eyes

  • Blink a lot. This causes the production of tears to keep your eyes adequately lubricated.
  • Keep a safe distance from heaters and aircon vents. Use a humidifier in conjunction with your heaters to keep essential moisture levels in the air.
  • Artificial tears (tear drops) keep your eyes moistened with a specific combination of oil, mucus and water.


  • Protect your eyes from glaring sun and damaging UV rays with quality sunglasses that have UV protection.
  • Always use protective eyewear if your work involves extremely bright light, dangerous chemicals, flying sparks/ fragments or dust.
  • If you cannot avoid digital screens, keep them at a safe distance from your eyes and take regular breaks.

Good Eye Care

  • Avoid driving at night and if you must, make sure that your vehicle’s windscreen is clean. Also ensure that your headlights are bright enough.
  • Omega-3 based fatty acids, found in fish like tuna, mackerel and halibut, help retain eye moisture.
  • Contact an eye doctor immediately when you experience anything wrong with your eyes. Act fast.

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