1. Lens Care

Remember, there is no cleaning or disinfection needed with 1 day lenses. Always dispose of lenses when they are removed and have replacement lenses or spectacles available.  For other wearing schedules multipurpose contact lens solutions are recommended.

  • Lubricating/Rewetting solutions can be used to wet or lubricate your lenses while you are wearing them to make them more comfortable.

2. Care for a Sticking (Non-Moving) Lens

If a lens sticks (stops moving) on your eye, apply a few drops of the recommended lubricating solution. You should wait until the lens begins to move freely on the eye before removing it. If non-movement of the lens continues, you should IMMEDIATELY consult your eye care practitioner.

3. Emergencies

If chemicals of any kind (household products, gardening solutions, laboratory chemicals, etc.) Are splashed into your eyes: FLUSH EYES IMMEDIATELY WITH TAP WATER, REMOVE YOUR LENSES AND IMMEDIATELY CONTACT YOUR EYE CARE PRACTITIONER OR VISIT A HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM WITHOUT DELAY.