In June of 2017, Opti Eyewear Optometrist sponsored the SANKOFA tutorial school program with transportation. We covered the logistics of getting each learner to the educational center and back to their homes safely.

We believe in the value of education for a bright future. Therefore, we are inspired by young people to who sacrifice their holidays to augment their education.

The SANKOFA tutorial school program ran for three weeks and it is based at Protea Glen Secondary School. They offer Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting. They have a 100% pass rate at matric and 100% tertiary enrollment.

Heres what some of the learners had to say after their first experience with our Optometrist:

“it was really awesome because we chose partners and the optometrist was very kind. She told us to exercise our eyes everyday. She said we should wear caps and sunglasses when it’s hot just to protect our eyes from the Sun”…


“The optometrist was friendly, she first asked me a few questions, like do I often get headaches? do I experience nose blockages always or sometimes? When she tested me I was told that my left eye has a problem so I need a pair of glasses before it affects my right eye”…


For the first hour there, I thought the eye test would be easy. After waiting for a while for my classmates to test I became anxious. I started asking myself if I should go or stay. For some, their results were bad. When it my turn to go test, in my head I was like “hmm, like it or not one of those frames will be my glasses “. It was not a bad experience after all…