It seems obvious that when people do equal work, they should receive equal pay.

It is obvious that people should be safe from violence in a free country, especially in their homes. Is it not obvious that children should all have equal choices for their futures?

Unfortunately, women and girls are still excluded and treated as lesser beings in today’s society. The stark reality is that the oppression and abuse that they experience at the hands of men and boys is a daily occurrence at home, at school, in the office and in public.

The movement for gender equality has made great strides over the decades and governments have even adopted progressive plans of action for change. Sadly, real change has not materialised in the lives of women and girls – especially for black girls. The struggle continues as we work towards Generation Equality: Realising women’s rights for an equal future.

“Wa Thinta Abafazi, Wa Thinta Imbokodo”