Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is a consultation or eye test?

Our fee is R300 for a consultation using cash.

Medical aids pay differently depending on the scheme.

Spectacle frames range from R500.

We have flexible payment terms.

How long after you get your glasses can one get an update for a new set?

It is advisable to have an eye examination as per the need arises.

It is unfortunate that medical insurance or medical aid does not prioritize optical wellness as they do with continuous / unlimited GP visits. It is said that one eye examination is covered or allowed every two years only. Some medical aids offer an annual examination every 12 months.

All these conditions are rather not fair since eye injuries, eye infections and sudden loss or depreciation of eyesight can not have a set date or time to address. We also as individuals can not be expected to react in a prescribed manner towards environmental factors, a change in our health and or the impact of prescribed medication to our overall eye health.

Are you open on weekends?

We open Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM. But we do not open on Sundays.

How much do you charge pensioners?

Cash rates differ from medical aids. All eye tests paid for in cash are R300.
Pensioners are only charged R800 for their package which includes frame and lenses. ( The eye test is charged separately).

Students get discounted prices on selected products.

Should I put on my contact lenses first then do hair and make up or visa versa? – Lerato

Always wash and rinse your hands before you handle your contact lenses.

Water based products are less likely to damage your contact lenses rather than oil based ones.

Make-up should be applied only after you have inserted your contact lenses.

By all means do not get creams, deodorants, soaps, lotions or cosmetics on your contact lenses.

If aerosol products like hair spray are used, keep your eyes closed while using the spray and a few minutes after until it has settled.

Is it alright if i put on fake eyelashes? – Irene

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing your looks for cosmetic purposes. Eyelashes are trending in the modern world.

The reason we have natural eyelashes is to protect the eyes by trapping and preventing foreign objects like dust from entering.

When additional counterfeit eyelashes are applied, glue is used. The contents of this glue may vary in chemical composition hence you find various products in the market. The glue is then applied onto your eyelids by the root of your own eyelashes. This glue may cause an allergic reaction in some cases.

Now we know that to remove these counterfeit eyelashes water is normally used. So for one to try and keep them on for a longer period, hygiene principles are omitted. You find that the eye area is not cleaned while washing your face.

The dust will start to accumulate. In other instances removal of the eyelashes causes the natural one to be stripped out as well, thus exposing the roots to contamination.

Problems such as redness, itching and tearing start to surface. In severe cases, eyelid styes or chalazions develop and sometimes even blepharitis.

So when making a decision make a detailed one and opt for better eye care.

Good day, I have astigmatism and have recently received new glasses. The optometrist insists that my glasses are according to the test, but I am not happy. When I am outside or driving it seems fine, but when working on the computer or indoors where there is a lot of lighting, letters aren’t clear through the left lense and seems hazy as if there is glare, even though I have an anti-glare coating. Is it possible that the angle of the lense (for my astigmatism) causes a glare of the light and then letters don’t seem clear?  – Fran

Greetings Fran

Thank you for your enquiry.

Knowing the type of astigmatism you may possibly have, will help to determine the best corrective lenses for each of your eyes.

Other factors such as the state of your visual status( if you are short-sighted or farsighted or even have presbyopia) also contribute to what power lens is ideal to correct your astigmatism.

The type of lenses which have been prescribed for you each require precise measurements to suite your working needs. Any form of either single vision or bifocal or multi focal lens should be accurately determined to correlate with your relevant working distance. This includes how you position your frame above your nose in front of your eyes.

Besides the anti-glare coatings prescribed, positioning of the source of object reflecting the light back into your eyes should be reviewed. Lighting and seating in your work environment are just as important.

It is advisable to inform your current service provider of all your optical needs and concerns thereafter. Should you require a second opinion, kindly do so at your nearest second provider.

Your optimal visual aids should provide clarity and comfort in all distances.