Youth Day

Celebrating June 16 Youth Day: The Vision of Our Future

At Opti Eyewear Optometrist, we believe in the power of clear vision to shape bright

Empowering Education: Supporting Learners with Vision Needs

In a significant step towards enhancing educational experiences, Opti Eyewear Optometrist
Myipia - Nearsightedness

Myopia (Nearsightedness)

Nearsightedness is a vision condition in which near objects are usually seen clearly
Mother's day

Celebrating Mom: A Vision of Love with Opti Eyewear Optometrist

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to celebrate the incredible women

Love Your Eyes

I love, respect and appreciate each and every person I've ever met and interacted with in

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

2023 theme: “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls”

Children’s Day

Cute, adorable, unpredictable precious souls. Its a roller coaster journey but every

We are giving away 50 FREE pairs of spectacles!

We are inviting matriculants with eyesight problems / vision impairment to come through

Support Local Please

This is a reminder and humble plea to our fellow Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles,

Eye Spa

Yes you read it correctly, your eyes deserve a spa treatment too!

Eye Care Awareness Month

21 September to 18 October is Eye Care Awareness Month. We commemorate this period in

World Retina Week

In 2023, World Retina Week is observed from 24 to 30 September, with World Retina Day on

Warm your eyes this winter

Get protection from glare and the bright winter sun in style

June 16

Power to the youth of RSA Stay on mission. Chase that dream.

How albinism affects the eyes

Albinism is a genetically inherited non-contagious condition. It can affect the skin, or

Eye Health for the Elderly

As we grow older, we may find it difficult to see properly at distance and/or near.

Child Protection Week

South Africa commemorates Child Protection Week this 28 May to 4 June 2023. We do this in

April: Health, Family, Freedom

April is a month filled with days of great significance. This is the April round-up.

Drive safer

Holidays are a good oportunity to take a trip out of your town
World Optometry Week

World Optometry Week

World Optometry Week is observed from 19 - 25 March in 2023 to recognise and celebrate
World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage of the optic nerve at

Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

Farsightedness is a vision condition in which distant objects are usually seen clearly

Early XMas gifts for Matriculants!

Tis’ the season to be giving and blessing others the best way one can.

#WorldKCDay – 10 Nov

Keratoconus is a corneal disease that causes it to progressively thin out and become steep.

Beyond Women’s Month

To the women of S.A. and the world. We wish you love, peace and happiness all year round.

Digital Devices

Healthy Vision In Connection With Computers People who sit in front of a computer or use

I love my glasses

We asked you to tell us how your spectacles have changed your life and we are happy to

You nominated a pensioner and we gave them prescription glasses for free

We have given away 15 free eye tests and prescription spectacles to the ones that you

Safe Driving Tips

For those who will be will be driving out for the long weekend, we wish you a safe and

Thank you!

Opti Eyewear Optometrist would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every

Heritage: Knowledge of self

What is our national heritage as South Africans? The answer lies within our values:

Great tips for Spring

Spring is finally here! What a great feeling it is to shed that heavy winter cold and

Equal rights for an equal future

It seems obvious that when people do equal work, they should receive equal pay.
Fathers figures

“Ta” to our Fatherly figures

We would like to take this moment to honour our Fatherly figures in all the roles they play

Diabetes and the eye

Type 1 Diabetes Commonly found in young people, this is when the body stops producing

Transitions Drivewear

Transitions Drivewear is the ultimate sunglass lens solution for cycling and driving. It

Heritage Day

Why do we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa?

Hope and faith

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on Human life & well-being, as well as the economy

August, Womens’ Month

Indeed, “Watint’ abafazi- wathinti’ imbokodo” A revolutionary song

Driver’s licence and PDP

Why not skip the queue? Why not cut the queue? Spend less time at the traffic department

World Health Day – 7 April

April 7th is World Health Day, and every year there is a different theme. The WHO theme

About COVID-19, coronavirus

South Africa is under lock-down and the president has declared a national state of

Photosensitive Epilepsy

Have you ever seen those warnings on TV for photosensitive people to be beware of upcoming

Happy Holidays!

Thank you all for your support in 2019.  We wish you a happy and safe festive season.

Learners’ Vision Screening

Childhood is a crucial stage in the development of any well rounded human being.

Free Spectacles for disadvantaged children

We are giving away free spectacles to 10 disadvantaged children

Free Polarised Sunglasses

Get a free pair of polarised branded sunglasses when you spend R2999

What women want

Women are making their voices heard amidst the current violence and oppression

Protect your Vision

World Retina Awareness Week(23 to 29 September 2019) aims to promote good vision and its

Little Soweto 2019

As the proud sponsor of the Mr and Miss Little Soweto pageant, we are pleased to announce

100 Free Spectacles from Opti Eyewear

On 28 August 2019, we gave out 100 FREE pairs of spectacles to learners in schools around

Good Eye Care Tips

It is easy to keep your eyes healthy with these handy tips.  A download is also available

Our Children

They are beautiful; they are sweet; they are innocent and full of love.  Children bring

Fun Day at the Hospital

Weekly check-ups or even being admitted to a hospital for a long time can be very

Road Safety Starts With Good Vision

Essilor has partnered with the Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA) to

World Glaucoma Week 2019

This week is World Glaucoma Week 2019 (10 March – 16 March).  Get yours and your

What causes itchy eyes?

Itchy eyes are uncomfortable and irritating. The urge to simply rub and scratch them is

How to avoid glare

Glare occurs when too much light enters the eye and the eye cannot handle it all. It can

Is it bad for you to watch TV in the dark?

You may have heard that it is bad for your eyes to watch TV in a dark room. Although there

World Keratoconus Day

Keratoconus (KC) is a progressive, degenerative, non-inflammatory, bilateral (but usually


Spring is upon us and so is pollen, dust and warmer sunshine. Ocular allergies and Dry eye

Little Soweto 2018 winners

Opti Eyewear sponsored the winners’ prizes of two vouchers of 1 year school fees for

Nelson Mandela Centenary Celebrations

On the 23rd April 2018 we were honoured to be part of the Nelson Mandela Centenary

We are proud to sponsor Little Soweto 2018 pageant

Opti Eyewear is constantly looking at ways to get involved in community projects. So, when

World Glaucoma Week 2018: March 11 – 17

This week marks World Glaucoma Week. Glaucoma is one of the most common eye disorders and

Important dates observed

8-12th Oct. Eyecare Awareness Week A week to emphasize the continuous acknowledgement that

Celebrating Eye Month

In celebration of “October Eye Month ” we were honoured to have been allowed

Announcing the 2017 Women’s Basketball Tournament Champions

The Police Academy Basketball Club from Botswana won the 2017 Women’s Basketball

We gave away 16 pairs of spectacles this winter.

We have reached our target! You sent us your suggestions of people in need who could not

The 2017 Women’s Basket Ball Tournament is here

Ladies! Ladies! Heels off! Sneakers on! Battle is on the field! Let’s demonstrate

Sponsoring Education: Sankofa Tutorial School Program

In June of 2017, Opti Eyewear Optometrist sponsored the SANKOFA tutorial school program

Youthful tips about your eye

Our optometrist shares some useful tips about the eye in this informative video. She

Another Championship in the bag for the Nuggets

Jozi Nuggets have continued their trail-blazing run on the court this year and emerged as

Freedom for your eyes!

The urban lifestyle often means that you are busy day in and day out. You work hard to


Being ill calls for concern and the main priority to anyone is to get healed and get rid

Too Bright For My Eyes

Naturally our eyes have the ability to adapt to a certain amount of light. Once our eyes

Nuggets crowned champions again

Our basket ball team, Jozi Nuggets, has once again made us a proud sponsor. On the 9th of

Eye Emergencies

The speed and manner in which you react to the following eye emergencies will contribute

Foods to combat eye diseases

Simple food groups which are easy to access may help to reduce the risk of eye diseases

We welcome another sponsored team and sport

We are proud to sponsor the Art Of Running Team. Our growing involvement into sports is

Types of headaches

Below is a brief description of possible headaches one may experience in conjunction to

Hereditary Eye Disorders

An eye disorder refers to any diseases that can cause loss of vision. This may be passed

Into Sports with Jozi Nuggets

Opti Eyewear is a proud sponsor of the Jozi Nuggets basketball team who are the title

Vision for Children

Somewhere in the world, a child goes blind every minute of every day. In many cases this

Common Eye Disorders

In this post I have compiled some common eye disorders, their definitions, causes,

Organs Apart

There’s a saying that goes “ignorance is bliss”.  In my years of experience I’ve come to


Yes, of all the five senses we have, I too took the eyes for granted. To me they were

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Sunglass special!

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