For those who will be will be driving out for the long weekend, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

To help improve driving safety and good vision behind the wheel:

  • Avoid blind spots by adjusting side and rear-view mirrors.
  • Do not hang objects from the rear-view mirror.
  • Keep headlights clean, functioning properly and correctly aimed.
  • Keep inside and outside windows and mirrors clean. Periodically check wiper blades for wear.
  • Minimise day glare by using sun visors and wearing quality sunglasses.
  • If headlight glare is a problem, discuss this with your optometrist. (If you are in Diepkloof Soweto or Johannesburg, pop in to Opti Eyewear opposite Bara Taxi Rank)
  • If you have dry eyes or wear contact lenses, aim dashboard vents away frmo your face and eyes.

Safe driving tips courtesy of SAOA