Women are making their voices heard amidst the current violence and oppression that is imposed upon them.  At Opti Eyewear we know that all women deserve an equal chance to live and express ourselves as we see fit.  All our lives are priceless and basics such as respect and humility should be emphasized.

We asked a few women what it is that they want and here are some responses:

From heterosexual women on the subject of men:

“Honestly, we want a man who looks and smells good!
A well toned & clean man!
A man who says yes to all your pleas!
A man with big flappy ears to listen to EVERYTHING you have to say and even go to the extent of saying “tell me more”!
We want a ‘stallion’ to rock out our misery and leave us gasping!
We want a man with a bigger wrist watch who never forgets to come home early!
A man with a smaller beer glass!
A man with friends that eat more veggies & less meat!
A man with notes flying out of his wallet!
A man who’s a chef in the kitchen and a clown with the kids!
A man with soft hands just right for that foot rub!
A man who accepts that one day in the week is solely dedicated for God…”

The generally shared response was:

“To be loved and respected regardless of our gender.
To be encouraged and supported to lead anywhere.
To be acknowledged and allowed to express our emotions.
To be appreciated for all the selfless sacrifices we continuously make as we go in every aspect of our lives.”

Another expression by the optometrists on what women want is:

“Great eye health all day everyday where,
with accommodation relaxed, vision is clear and comfortable.
Where there is moderate flexibility of the eyelids that allows for sufficient blinking with a healthy tear film & no dry-eyes.
Where each image seen by each eye is clearly reflected onto the retina, transmitted through the optic nerve, optic chiasm, optic tract and correctly inverted in the occipital cortex as an upright 3D single image.
Where the rods and cones allow for perception of colour and contrast.
Where the cornea, conjunctiva, lens, aqueous and virtuous humor are crystal clear.
Where there is no inflammation or any obstructing pathology due to injury or systemic illness.

In simpler terms all we want is to be able to enjoy all our beautiful surroundings.”